mami bebé World is a World of magic and inspiration, beauty and good wishes.

It was created by the three of us – the creative moms Maja, Milena and Mina – out of love and with love.

What do we love?

To make others happy and we know how, because we give from the heart.
We love memorable gifts, smiles and joy when someone unpacks the perfect gift.
Simplicity and playful ideas, softness, tenderness and warm hugs.
Natural materials and pleasant colors, smart toys that awaken and develop the imagination.
We love to explore and find original and unusual things for the youngest around the World that will cheer them up and inspire them.
To combine beautiful, useful, high quality and comfortable products.
To pack them, enrich them with fine details, personal messages and turn them into the most beautiful personalized gift.
A special gift for those who have a special place in your heart.

We love that children are happy.
We love that you enjoy choosing and giving away.
We love to give love.